Fundamentals of Program Adaptation
Authors: Charles Klein & Josefina J. Card

Fundamentals of Program Adaptation is a 150 minute online course outlining everything you need to know to adapt a proven program in a new implementation context. The course consists of four interactive, multimedia, computer-delivered modules including information about program selection, adaptation, preparation, and evaluation. The Fundamentals of Program Adaptation Modules are:

  • Module 1: Understanding Program Adaptation
  • Module 2: Selecting a Program to Adapt
  • Module 3: Evaluation
  • Module 4: Getting Your Organization Ready

Each of the four modules contains in-depth information and interactive quizzes, as well as a number of tools and resources including worksheets, checklists, and surveys. Users can explore modules and topic pages within each module in any order that they want.

This product is available by individual and institutional subscription only. To purchase an institutional subscription, please contact or 650-949-3282 for information on pricing and availability for your organization.

Fundamentals of Program Adaptation Individual Subscription
This subscription provides access for an individual user to the online Fundamentals of Program Adaptation course for one year.
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