Effective ProgramsEffective Programs

Sociometrics' archives of effective programs are a research-to-practice initiative aimed at assembling in one place—for public dissemination, distribution, and replication—outstanding prevention programs in key health areas. Programs were selected for archive inclusion based on their demonstrated salutory effect on risk-taking behaviors. These effective program archives have been designed to facilitate cost-effective replication of prevention programs that work and encourage ongoing scientific evaluation to ascertain the robustness of each program's effectiveness across different populations.

Our effective program replication kits include:
A complete set of materials: Everything you need to implement the program, such as training manuals, curriculum guidebooks, workbooks, and videos.
A User's Guide: A manual prepared by archive staff describing the program and its evaluation, as well as tips and guidelines for program implementation.
An evaluation packet: Instructions, instruments and scoring packets designed to assess the effectiveness of the program.
Technical Support: Free technical support from our Practitioner Support Group (650-949-3282, socio@socio.com).

Find out more about our effective programs:

Teen Pregnancy Prevention (PASHA) - A collection of 39 promising teen pregnancy and STI/HIV/AIDS prevention programs.

HIV/AIDS Prevention (HAPPA) - A collection of 24 effective HIV/AIDS prevention programs for adults.

Global HIV Archive - A collection of 8 effective HIV prevention programs that have been implemented and evaluated in low resource contries are available for individual sales.

Children's Emotional Disorders (CEDETA) - A collection of 9 effective psychosocial treatment programs shown to reduce anxiety, depression and other internalizing disorders in children and adolescents ages 6 to 18.

Early Intervention (EIPARDD) - A collection of 7 early intervention programs demonstrated to improve cognitive-language and/or social-emotional outcomes among children ages 0 to 5 with or at risk for developmental delays or disabilities.

Youth Substance Abuse (YSAPPA) - A collection of 12 effective substance abuse prevention programs for youth (pre-teens, teens and young adults).